Road to Zanzibar (1941)

Directed by Victor Schertzinger

Although I enjoyed this movie (as I did all the Road movies), it’s the one I’m least able to recall and, on that basis, place it at the bottom of the heap. This may be because this film, as a sequel, tried to recreate the previous film, Road to Singapore a little to formally.

As the later films showed, it wasn’t so much a strict repetition of the story from Singapore (with small changes) that succeeded as it was the recapitulating of the on-screen relationship of Hope and Crosby (and to a lesser extent, Lamour).

However, this film is still lots of fun – Bob and Bing in an exotic locale – and is filled with a mix of jokes and the odd tune, usually featuring Crosby.

2½ stars out of 4.

(Originally posted in 2002.)

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