What happened …

… to Piddleville? Well, it is currently on hiatus. This is less a planned sabbatical than one circumstances have brought about. The hosting wasn’t in my personal budget so I had to abandon it.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Piddleville has had three lives since it began in May of 2000.

It started as a personal blog, something many people did back then, and it was wonderful. The personal blog later migrated elsewhere as Piddleville’s second life began.

It became the website of a fictional town called Piddleville, with a cottage area called Kaboomka Bay. It was largely silly, very funny (to me at least), and was probably my favourite of the Piddleville lives.

It changed yet again for its third life, a movie review site that focused on old movies, though not exclusively. I produced hundreds of reviews there. Hopefully I still have them somewhere on my computer.

Now it’s time for Piddleville 4.0. I have an idea for that, one I’m still figuring out. Whether I can do it or not, whether it will be too labour intensive, has yet to be determined. Once I know it can be done, and is worth doing, and I finally embark on it, I’ll let everyone know.

For now though, Piddleville is in abeyance waiting for the next thing to arrive. 🙂

William Wren (better known as Bill)
William Wren
(better known as Bill)