Things missed: Elwy Yost (1925 – 2011)

I remember Elwy Yost quite vividly. I’m pretty sure he’s the only thing I ever watched on TVO with his Saturday Night at the Movies (1974 – 1999). I always thought he was too much of a nerd. He had a funny name. And he was so interested in those old movies …

He passed away yesterday (July 21, 2011). My first thought was, “Oh my! Where is he now that I love those old movies … the way he did!”

His Saturday Night at the Movies was on TVO before it was TVO. Before initials took over the world. In my mind, he was never on TVO. He was on TV Ontario. And he was the first encounter I had, as far as media goes, with someone utterly in love with old movies.

The guy was bubbly! About movies! Here’s an interview he did with John Candy in 1982 where he was relatively restrained.

Look at the teeth! Look at the smile! If you listen, you’ll hear a pretty extensive body of knowledge as far as older movies go. And I think he loved all of them. (As an aside, the Road movie John Candy refers to in regards to Peter Sellers is Road to Hong Kong.)

When I watched Elwy on TV Ontario I was considerably younger and had yet to realize how much I loved older movies too. So I never appreciated him or acknowledged what he was doing. I simply watched the movies he presented on his show, usually with my mother in the recreation room downstairs.

So I suppose this post is my belated acknowledgment and equally belated thank you. And yet another realization that something or someone was appreciated too late.

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  1. Ron Bos says:

    Bill, love the banner/masthead on Piddleville! Did you create it yourself with Photoshop?


  2. Bill says:

    Yup. That was me. Took a while but I eventually got it to how I wanted it to look.

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