Along Came Jones (1945)

Directed by Stuart Heisler

Here’s a review of a movie no one else seems inclined to review. It’s the review of Along Came Jones that I posted on Amazon …

Overall, this is an entertaining movie though it moves slowly. It’s not a great film, but definitely worth seeing and a bit of a curiousity in the sense that the hero (Gary Cooper) can’t shoot a gun, bumbles around falling over himself and is ultimately rescued by a woman, Loretta Young.

Not standard fare for 1945.

In many ways, it’s Mr. Deeds placed into a western.

Cooper as Melody Jones seems a slow-witted innocent but is much smarter than he appears. The downside is the DVD.

While not a horrible copy, it certainly isn’t good. It appears as if no effort has been made to restore the film. In fact, you’re left with the impression they grabbed whatever copy was handy.

Gary Cooper as Melody Jones and Loretta Young as Cherry de Longpre.

Some scenes are so dark you can’t make out any detail beyond silhouettes and many scenes are scratched or otherwise blemished.

And of course, nothing to speak of in terms of features. It’s a good price but it would be nice if MGM treated their films with a bit more respect.

It’s worth seeing however and, if you like Gary Cooper as I do, worth having.

Also, if you like westerns this is a nice one to have because it is such a strange duck (as a western).

(See also: Destry Rides Again.)

(Originally published in 2003.)

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