How and why Nick and Nora work

The series of Thin Man movies answers the question, “What does happily ever after look like?”

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Reacquainted with Myrna Loy and William Powell

Last week I went on a run of watching and writing about some Myrna Loy and William Powell movies I have in my collection. I went through four five of them, three four of which I’ve had here, unwatched, for about five years.

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A fashionable accent and some reviews

I decided to try a background – just because. It does make the site a bit less plain jane, but I’ve always liked plain jane (minimalist, or close too). So there is a good chance my mind will change in a week or so if  tire of it. Or find it annoying. In the meantime …

I added or updated a few reviews on Piddleville. They are:

You may want to visit them. You may even want to leave a comment telling me I’ve no business writing reviews, that I’m an ass without a clue.

It wouldn’t be the first time! :-)