Blogathon notes – For the Love of Film (Noir)

A couple of things about the blogathon — For the Love of Film (Noir). First off, allow me to repeat the important message from Ferdy and the Siren who are doing all the legwork for the blogathon:

There is a donation link that bloggers are using that does not work. We are very behind last year’s donations, and I can’t believe that it’s because nobody cares. I think it’s because people can’t get through. If you have posted for the blogathon or intend to, PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINK:

Correct it wherever you have a link, either text or behind the donation button. THANK YOU! Back to the blogathon.

Please double check your links!

Next note … I’m cheating a bit, though not really. I’m so busy this week I haven’t been able to do the posts I’ve wanted to so in a few cases I’ve been reposting my scribbles about noirs from my reviews repository. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing, however. The one niggling note for me is that I want to rewrite each one (like today’s on Chinatown), but there is no time.

Here are the three movies I want to write about but have yet to be able to: Dark City (the 1998 film), Double Indemnity and Laura. All three are half written. They are only waiting patiently for me to finish them.

In the meantime, on with the blogathon …

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